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Medical tourism in the Penza region (presentation)

02 July 2021 at 08:13
21 July 2021 at 13:24

Medical tourism in the Penza region

Contact Information

Address: 440066, Russia, Penza, 1st Rachmaninov proezd, 12

Phone: +7 (8412) 44-95-60

Fax: +7 (8412) 44-95-50


Basic information about a medical organization

The State Budgetary Institution of Healthcare "City Children's Polyclinic" of the Ministry of Health of the Penza Region has been providing highly qualified primary outpatient medical care to children for more than 14 years.

The city children's polyclinic took part in the National Program for the Promotion of the Best Goods and Services for Children "The Best for Children". As part of the program, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government held the Best for Children competition aimed at improving the quality of life of the younger generation in Russia. The service "Medical Activity", declared by the MUSES "City Children's Polyclinic", became a laureate of the quality mark "Best for Children" and was awarded a medal and a certificate of awarding in the established form, which has a registration number according to the Register of Laureates of the Program. (Resolution No. 02 of October 12, 2009 Registration No. 10209L183).

Today it is a dynamically developing outpatient-polyclinic medical institution that provides primary health care to the attached children's population of the city of Penza, has 8 children's polyclinics with 8 polyclinic departments at 120 pediatric sites. The total number of children served in the children's polyclinics of the city is 96,000 people, the average number of children in one district is 800 children. Medical care is provided to the child population from birth to 18 years of age. Healthy child days at the clinic - Tuesday, Thursday. All types of medical care are provided to children free of charge, within the framework of the Territorial Program of State Guarantees.

We include: a children's day hospital, designed for 40 pediatric beds, where about 1000 young patients undergo a course of rehabilitation treatment annually; Children's Health Center, the main activity of the center is the prevention of diseases in children, carrying out activities to promote a healthy lifestyle, providing information to the population on health issues. Every year, doctors of the Children's Health Center identify more than 5 thousand children with various risk factors (overweight (BMI), caries, hyperglycemia and functional abnormalities on the ECG).

For the maximum convenience of serving children, there are 4 divisions of the paraclinic service: the department of consultative and diagnostic assistance (consultations of narrow specialist doctors); Department of functional and radiation diagnostics (ECG, ultrasound, FGDS; X-ray examination, fluorographic examination on a digital apparatus (mobile fluorograph); Department of rehabilitation treatment (physiotherapy, physiotherapy and massage rooms); Clinical diagnostic / microbiological laboratory.

In the structure of children's polyclinics, there are emergency rooms, they work in 2 shifts, the reception is carried out by pediatricians, or district pediatricians on duty (Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00; Sat 8.00-14.00; Sunday 8.00-15.00 Children's clinic No. 6, 1st pr-d Rachmaninov, 12 - receptions of acutely ill children).

Work is systematically carried out in the field of high-tech medical care. Children with identified pathologies by specialist doctors of children's polyclinics are sent for consultations of various profiles to federal centers for the provision of high-tech medical care.

Welcome to Penza!

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List of medical services

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Algorithm of applying to a medical organization for a foreign citizens

Free visit, hospitalization of foreign citizens is carried out in emergency cases, as well as in the presence of a medical insurance policy of voluntary or compulsory insurance.
In case of emergency, you can contact a medical organization by calling …, address… .
If you have a medical policy … .

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